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10 Jul 2020

I’m not just another black guy.

I’m no stranger to discrimination. I’m Black/Ghanaian, Eastern European, Jewish, and an immigrant in the US …

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8 Jul 2020

Meet Shelly Bell. Empowering black communities through Black Girl Ventures

  Happy Wednesday Meaningful People! Welcome to our new series called WomenWednesday! In this series, we …

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21 Apr 2020

Thank you, coronavirus helpers, for giving us hope

At different times I’ve struggled to find hope, positivity, the light at the end of the …

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29 Jan 2020

What I’m learning about my people

Working with African designers there’s something I’ve noticed. Aside from their humility,  great work ethic, and …

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3 Dec 2019

Why we’re launching in Africa despite the odds

With Thanksgiving coming up I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends and family back in …

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24 Oct 2019

My first real job

I came to the US from Ghana when I was 20. I moved here with no …

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20 Sep 2019

The Life-Changing Decision

6 years ago a gut decision changed my life.  I’d spent a month interviewing for a …

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22 Aug 2019

A lesson from a 5th-grade problem solver

I’ll never forget the day in 5th grade when a boy in my class, let’s call …

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18 Jul 2019

1 Thing Every Non-profit Needs To Do In Order To Grow

Whenever there’s a cause that people want to promote, they start with a lofty mission – …

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28 Jun 2019

Why Hiring Freelancers Online Sucks

There a ton of freelance marketplaces with millions of freelancers from Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and many …

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