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The Life-Changing Decision

20 Sep 2019

6 years ago a gut decision changed my life. 

I’d spent a month interviewing for a new job at a big corporation and was flown out to Cali for one final week of interviews. 

It was tough. But, they liked me and gave me an offer. I was super happy because the title and salary were awesome, and I needed it since the months of interviews left me broke.  

As I read through the offer I noticed one little clause that was a little off from the conversations I had with the company, but nothing too crazy. And that’s what I was told…they forgot to mention it, but it didn’t make a huge difference overall. It still didn’t sit right with me, so I asked that they take it out. And after a few days, they said no. 

So I found myself sitting there asking myself whether I ignore this minor thing and take this job so I can make some money and move up in the world, or listen to my gut and walk away with nothing. 

I ended up walking away. 

Less than a week later I got a new job offer, to be employee number 2 at a new VC backed startup called StayNTouch. It was the perfect fit for me. I loved the work. Over four years we grew the company to over 100 employees, got some really big clients, and eventually got acquired by Shiji Group. 

I’ve told this story a few times over the years because I truly believed it was a gut decision that changed my life. But I was wrong. 

It’s never one decision that changes our lives. It’s always a series of small decisions that lead us to one big decision. Our life’s data. 

My data said that money and titles weren’t my biggest drivers. It said that  I needed to solve hard problems, on a small team, where I felt we could make an impact. And a large corp wasn’t going to give me that.  So when I made what I felt at the time was a gut decision, I was just analyzing my data and thinking about what I really wanted with my life. And the amazing opportunity popping up a few weeks later with StayNTouch, was just me being aware of what I was looking for and going after the right opportunity. 

So remember, your life is full of data, and you have access to all of it, and when you’re faced with a tough decision, don’t rush. Analyze your life’s data and pick what’s most important to you. Try it. It might just change your life 🙂 

— Ronnie “Traded my gut for data” Coleman